What’s In a Name?

What’s In a Name?

So Much!!!

A name can contain all that we imbue it with…and more! It can symbolize, epitomize, personalize, realize and capitalize.

Be it personal or corporate, names are central and essential to who we are, what we do, how the world perceives and deals with us.

As a brand-building firm, Vergant knows and maximizes the importance and power of names. As Vergant’s founder, I’ve been coining phrases and naming products and programs (from Baskin-Robbins ice cream flavors and nail polish colors to theoretical learning processes and new technologies) since my teens.

What follows are a few of the names that reside in Vergant Territory. In most instances, Vergant owns suites (.com, .net, .org) of these and other domains. Several names, as well as the companies, properties and concepts associated with them, are available for sale, syndication, and/or partnership opportunities.

So please let me know if there’s anything here that fires your imagination…or if there’s namestorming, brand-building or business development that we can do together.

Warmly and looking forward,

Wendy Dubit
5405 Tuckerman Lane, #319
North Bethesda, MD 20852
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917/334-6925 @ Vergant and on Cell
wendy@vergant.com * www.WonderWorks.com

In Vergant Territory….

After-School Producers: A program of The Producers’ Project, dedicated to making education more relevant, far-reaching and fun.

Blossomings: Management and publishing company for Budding Artists and Writers.

Brain Searchery: Taking the old game of “concentration” to new and multi-faceted levels by engaging each and all of the senses.

Budding Artists: For Sale!

CD-MOM: Pioneering parenting CD-ROM, founded in 1995.

Center for Applied Synesthesia: Dedicated to the articulation, elevation and cross-pollination of the senses.

Corporate Conscience: Campaigning for increased social responsibility and accountability.

Corporate Entrepreneuring: Fostering the entrepreneurial spirit within corporations and organizations.

Corporate Soul: Assuring that the spirit, values and conscience of a company are built in…and showin.

CommUniverse: Global communications company. For Sale!

Dining to Make a Difference: Built in the aftermath of 9.11, and coming soon to a town or countryside near you!

The Education Station: Convergent media network built to create, promote and distribute educational and motivational programming by and for teachers and learners.

Entrepreneuring: My favorite activity!

ExperiMint: Experimental popsicle company formed with my nieces.

FarmHattan: Future home of an in-city demonstration farm on rooftop or barge.

FarmTrails: Coming soon!

FarmHands-CityHands: Founded in 1986 to link farm and city for the social, cultural, economic and environmental benefit of both.

Give as You Live: Using everyday acts (eating, drinking, working, playing, traveling, investing, volunteering) for profound impact.

HayDayHoldingCo: My first holding company, founded in 1986.

HEAVEN: Helping Educate, Activate, Volunteer & Empower via the Net: Not-for-profit founded in 1997, and merged with MOUSE (www.mouse.org) in 2000.

The Hub: For Sale!

IdealToReal: How to live up to your ideals…and make them real, meaningful, visible et al.

The Imagination Station: Like The Education Station, but with an added emphasis on imagination and innovation.

In Every Sense: Dedicated to the exploration and elevation of the senses, singly and in combination.

Jellyfish Journals: Musings on coelenterates and ctenophores, a fascination I share with likes of Lewis Thomas, as well as on the brilliance of “beginner’s mind.”

The Kindred Spirit Club: Chances are, if you’ve read this far, you’re kindred!

Making it Real: What Vergant does for self and others.

Making it Manifest: What I hope we can do together.

Many Moons: Observing, honoring and celebrating the moon in all its phases -- waxing, waning, full, new, gibbous, blue, and all stops in between.

The Marriage Of…: Moon and stars, heaven and earth, night and day, and other marriages of likes, opposites, and people.

Mixing Bowl: Dedicated to the foods, philosophies and PEOPLE of diverse cultures.

Music by Nature: For Sale!

The Nature Of: Musings on the nature, underpinnings and workings of all sorts of people and things.

Orders of Magnitude: Dedicated to the Powers of Ten and other powerful ways of changing perspective.

OutHouse Productions: Formed to do out-of-house productions for AOL Greenhouse and others.

Organization Art: Dedicated to the art of organization and organizations.

Personal Box Office: For Sale!

Personal Jukebox: Something I sketched out 20 years ago; and which later became MP3!

Practical Princess: That’d be me…as well as a children’s book and product series for the future.

The Producers’ Project: Enhancing education and innovation through documentary filmmaking, journalism, Web production and more.

The Prison Project: The Producers’ Project’s work with prison schools and populations -- making PSAs and documentaries, holding screenings and seminars, and doing job training and placement.

PsychoFont: A reference to my abysmal handwriting and an expression of my gratitude to word processing and typesetting.

Reality-Changing Television: My determination to create television programming that reflects and improves reality.

Searching the Corporate Soul: Work done for such companies as America Online and Council on Economic Priorities to assure built-in vision and values as well as products and corporate presences that are reflective of them.

Social Initiative: Encouraging social responsibility within corporations and organizations.

Sense Of: Dedicated to all of our senses…including our senses of wonder, adventure and more.

Squozen: Home to my experiments with champagne popsicles, scrunchable clothes and the like.

To Your Senses: Where I hope to bring you. What my winetastings are dedicated to.

TechKnowCenter: For Sale!

TPP TV: Created for the production, promotion and distribution of Producers’ Project (link to www.theproducersproject.org) programming.

Values Added: In addition to value-added, which we wholeheartedly advocate, here’s Values Added!

Vergant: Brand-building consultancy for companies and causes, and a coined word that has become my own indicator of all that is worth learning, doing, wearing, eating, drinking and more.

Vergant Ears: Soon-to-launch section of www.vergant.com that will showcase, spotlight and sell Vergant music.

Vergant Eats: Dedicated to food that feeds more than just hunger, but that also sings to the senses, is enjoyed in good company and health, and that nurtures the people who grow and prepare it.

Vergant Ed: Adding real-world relevance to academics while deepening participants' mastery and use of media. Home to The Producers’ Project (link to www.theproducersproject), The Education Station (www.vergant.com/educationstation.htm) and more.

Vergant Ink: Soon-to-launch section of www.vergant.com that will showcase, spotlight and sell Vergant books and magazines.

Versantile: For Sale!

Virtual Lunch: What I ate during successive dot.com start-ups, as well as the title of a pending book about those years.

WaterWork: Home of WaterWear, my philosophies on water conservation and more.

WoodWindWater: For Sale!

WorldWise Marketing: Firm founded in 1989, and representing international publishing companies, foreign trade commissions and other clients.

You-Shaped: Process for distilling down to essential self…and making that self manifest in they way you learn, the work you do and the life you lead. Also, title for a series of books on these subjects.

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