The Education Station

Vergant, Inc. ( -- developers of pro-social education, entertainment, publishing and new media initiatives –- is proud to introduce The Education Station, a Vergant network dedicated to the production, distribution and promotion of educational and motivational programs by and for students and teachers.

For its programming, The Education Station will employ a convergent media model that includes a strong interactive web presence, live and online events, and broadcast-quality video. Thirty-minute video segments (a cross between talk show and game show, field trip and classroom, taped in a variety of settings) will feature guest-expert/teachers from the fields of Science, Math, English Language Arts and Social Studies interacting with live and distance-learning audiences in an atmosphere that blends inquiry and excitement with standards-based methods and subjects. Most importantly, these subjects and experts will be selected, invited, presented and produced by the students and staff themselves.

In creating The Education Station and The Producers’ Project, founder Wendy Dubit drew heavily from her own "aha" educational experiences. These included starting a magazine in elementary school to publish the literary and scientific works of fellow students; learning almost as much from a high school television internship as from classrooms and coursework; and working ever since to combine both. In each of her publishing, non-profit and new media initiatives, Wendy has involved youth and education to the extent possible, and has always found that the least palatable academic subjects can win favored-nation status when made relevant to the real world and married to a student's greatest passions.

In 1997, Wendy -- who has launched a variety of entertainment and education properties under the Vergant brand ( and for such companies as BMG, AOL, Pantone and The Council on Economic Priorities -- founded HEAVEN: Helping Educate, Activate, Volunteer and Empower via the Net. HEAVEN's technology training programs taught web production, journalism and leadership skills to NYC students and staff, won broad industry support and significant contracts from the New York City Board of Education, and were honored by ComputerWorld/Smithsonian for their "visionary use of technology in education."

Technology was the tool. But the lessons were lifelong learning, belief in self and service to others.

According to former ANGEL Gabriel Almanzar, who will be one of several student advisors to The Education Station and The Producers' Project: "In HEAVEN, I learned not only how to use the computer, but also how to use it to serve the community, how to act in a work environment, how to be responsible with work, and many other things. The program changed lives and went to great lengths to give us self confidence, which inspires self motivation. Why not give other students the opportunities they would never experience in a normal classroom setting?"
The Education Station and The Producers' Project extend those lessons deeper into academics and the acquisition of marketable multimedia skills while bringing the results to a broader public.

The Education Station is a program of Vergant Inc., a New York-based S Corporation. The company is currently seeking seed funding, sponsors, production and distribution partners.

A business plan with financials and key player bios is available upon request. Inquiries should be addressed to Wendy Dubit of Vergant, Inc., whose contact information is below.

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